Privacy Policy

Bass Knuckles Privacy Policy

Bass Knuckles has the highest regard for the privacy of its customers. For this reason, Bass Knuckles shall keep confidential and not sell, trade or release any account numbers, or debit, charge or credit card numbers (hereinafter "Account Information") you provide to Bass Knuckles when purchasing products from or paying debts owed to Bass Knuckles. Should it become necessary, Bass Knuckles may use the Account Information in connection with judicial or legislative proceedings. If used in connection with judicial or legislative proceedings, Bass Knuckles shall keep the Account Information confidential unless and until a court orders otherwise. Bass Knuckles may provide your name and/or postal address and/or e-mail address to other companies meeting Bass Knuckles high standards that offer products or services that you may be interested in.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, any information that you provide to Bass Knuckles other than Account Information shall remain the sole property of Bass Knuckles, including but not limited to any correspondence sent to Bass Knuckles via electronic mail.

Bass Knuckles understands that with the expansion of the Internet, security has become the number one concern among web shoppers. With this in mind, we have made it our top concern as well. In order to provide you, our valued customer, with the highest level of security,