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Ballast Point Brewing Fishing Team
Matthew Moyer | Nic Dragomire

As professional Saltwater Bass Anglers we believe we can benefit your company by being promotional ambassadors with our enthusiastic approach to the sport of fishing. Our outgoing personalities and ability to engage with people on a personal level can and will help promote your products.


1st Place OEX Kayak Tournament-Mission Bay-2003

1st Place OEX Kayak Tournament-Mission Bay-2002

2nd Place OEX kayak Tournament-San Diego-2005

1st Place SBS- Long Beach-2013

1st Place SBS- San Diego-2013

3rd Place SBS-Long Beach, Islands-2014

            2nd Big Fish Award: 9.36 Calico Bass

4th Place SWBA- California Offshore Challenge (2 day Event)

            Big Fish Award: 8.32 pound Calico Bass

            Mega Bag Award: 31.69 (COC record)

4th Place SBS- San Diego-2012

4th Place SWBA-San Diego-2011

6th Place SWBA-Long Beach-2015

SWBA Elite Finale Qualifiers-2015

            6th Place- 2 Day Elite Finale-2015

SBS Championship Final Qualifiers-2014

SBS Championship Final Qualifiers-2013

SWBA Elite Finale Qualifiers-2011



Matt Solorio

I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in central California. My dad got me out fishing for the first time when I was probably 7 or 8. From that point on, I was hooked and was fortunate enough to have a neighbor that fished just about every weekend and would take me with him. I started striper fishing, then moved on to largemouth and spotted bass. However, for the last 4 years, I have been absolutely obsessed with saltwater bass fishing. Calico bass to be exact. Everything about them, I love. I currently live on the Central Coast and get down to Southern California as much as I can to see good friends and get after those fish that to me, are the best kind of bass in the world. I fish green bass tournaments on occasion and I'm hoping to one day find a solid partner and fish competitively for salt water bass.


Chris Mason

Chris is prior Law Enforcement of more than ten years and has been taking the Bass industry by storm, now that time permits. Chris competes on the WON Bass Tour, where he was the 2011 Co-Angler of the Year. In 2011, Chris was also a member of the 2011 California B.A.S.S Federation Nation Team. In 2013, he will be aboard a new Ranger/Mercury Pro ride and will compete on the FLW Everstart Series. Chris also competes in the prestigious US Open.

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soCal_robert250x275_n.jpg Team SoCal YoungGuns

Hi, we are Team So Cal Young Guns.  Robert Adams and Chris Uwanawich.  Our passion is fresh water tournament bass fishing. We started fishing family tournaments 5 years ago and the last three we partnered to organize the G.B.C bass club, a local family and friends event. Then in 2011 we decided to start fishing pro am. We fished WON Bass event at Lake Casitas and we were hooked. We then entered the US Open and are starting to enter many more tournaments.

Our goal for 2012 is to fish multiple events such as N.B.W , WON Bass, American Bass etc. It's nice meeting many different anglers and competing in different levels.

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Sergio-FainszteinProStaff_250x275.jpg Sergio Fainsztein

Sergio Fainsztein, a top saltwater fisherman in southern California, is an accomplished angler for a myriad of game fish species ranging from inshore Calico Bass and Halibut to exotic offshore pelagics such as Tuna, Dorado, and Yellowtail. His expertise has been featured many times on the Telly Award winning TV series “Fishing Ventures” on FOX Spots West. He has also co-hosted several episodes from Alaska, Mammoth, and Cedros Island in Baja California, Mexico, to local waters.
Sergio’s activities include: Director of, Co-Host of the popular “Radio Outdoor Expeditions” weekly radio show which is broadcasted on Angels Baseball Radio network in southern California, Co-Director of the prestigious Owner Hooks Fishing Schools, and fishing industry public speaker giving seminars and tutorials at conferences, retail outlets, and fishing clubs.

RonHobbsProStaff_250x275.jpg  Ron Hobbs

I always remember fishing with my grandfather and all the knowledge and tips he passed on to me  One thing he always stressed, make sure to enjoy your time, love your family and share what you have learned. Married to Bobbie who I adore, one son Aaron, daughter Stephanie and a new grandson Ezra. I have been in the retail industry for 40 years. Five years ago I started attending Owner Hooks Fishing School charters. As they say, i'm hooked.
Currently I'm an Owner Hooks Fishing Schools instructor. Very blessed to have met Sergio Fainsztein who made me very competitive and always searching for the next big catch. Entered my first Team Bass tournament. (2nd place) Although a small event ,WOW!! Looking forward to more in 2013. Fished Baja California, Cedros Island and Mexico. Still love Trout and fresh water Bass fishing. Again Thank You all for the knowledge you have passed on.

As always ROCK ON.

Kody Kessel 

I have tried to cross out every style of fishing possible here in San Diego. From the lakes, ponds, rivers, to both our bays, and all up and down our coast. Boating, Kayaking, Float Tubing, Surf fishing, Fly fishing, and even some unorthodox methods which didn’t work out in anyone’s favor. I have never had any problems with grades because I have been told my whole life that if I get below a 3.0 no fishing, and that has kept the grade point average pretty good my whole life. I am going to Grossmont College and studying forensic science and criminal justice. I would like to get into the SWBA tournaments as soon as I can, and just keep learning and fishing whenever opportunity presents itself.
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Joe Raftery  

You could say that fishing is in Joe Raftery’s blood. After years of having fun on the water, he decided in 2003 to take things to the next level and has since devoted his efforts to the world of professional and team tournaments. He has competed in high profile tournaments including the American Bass Association (ABA) South Region Travelers Tournament Trail, B.A.S.S. Nevada State and Western Regional competitions as well as The Bass Federation (TBF) Western Region and National tournaments.

• 2010 TBF Western Regional State Champion, placed 1st (21st overall)
• 2010 ABA South Region, “Travelers’ Angler of the Year,” placed 1st
• 2010 ABA Overton Region, “Angler of the Year,” placed 1st
• 2011 TBF Western Regional State Champion placed 1st (14th overall)

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Carson Simms 

I'm Carson Sims and I'm 14 years old I am currently the youngest professional angler in the US. I have the bass champs championship coming up this weekend at LBJ and another on Falcon October 25-26. I've been fishing for 3 years now and am coming onto 4 I love what I do and couldn't ask for anything better!

My favorite lake to fish is Falcon and although I do love flipping big 1 and a half ounce jigs in trees, my favorite technique of fishing is a drop shot. I've been tournament fishing for 3 and a half years now. I run a Triton XS with a Mercury 250 verado 4 stroke.


Kevin Stewart

I am a family man first and foremost married to my wife Susan since 1988 we have two beautiful daughters Nikki and Carly. My occupation has been involved in the towing business since 1985 with the last 11 years dedicated to our own company Arena Tow. Bass fishing is my other passion in life, having started fishing team tournaments in 1993 then taking a 7 year break to coach competitive youth soccer across the nation allowing me to be involved with my daughters and watching them grow up then returning to competitive bass fishing in 2009 only this time to compete as a professional in the biggest tournaments the west has to offer. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love to do and have the support from my family and friends.

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Brian Day

From an early age I always loved to fish. I honed my skills early on using a broken fly rod and a half used spool of K-mart monofilament line while fishing for carp, catfish and generally whatever would bite in the nearby inner city creeks and canals. That same passion is still with me today - although the equipment and tools are significantly more advanced.  I like to think of myself as the consummate learner and above all a “people person” who loves to share knowledge gained thru endless magazines, articles, and television shows.  I love to compete at larger fishing events such as the US Open, Won Bass Pro/Ams, Anglers Choice Pro/Ams, and the FLW. I frequently participate in lake cleanup activities, Wounded Warrior events and taking disabled or inner city children out on my boat to share the love of fishing.
Credits: winning a 181 Champion Bass Boat and finishing in the top 3 spots at team and BASS Federation events.  I have caught six fish over 10 lbs, with a 13.85 lb bass being the largest.
Sponsors: LuckyCraft, Navionics, Cooks Go-To Tackle Storage Systems, Legend Boats, Mercury Marine, BassKnuckles Life Style Clothing, IRod Fishing, Mustad Hooks


Jim Ower

I have been involved with bass fishing since I was seven years of age! I joined my first bass club in 1980 and the rest is history. For nearly 30 years I've been involved in competitive bass fishing in one form or another. I'm truly addicted to fishing.
I will be fishing the WON Bass Southern Division Pro/Ams, WON Bass Team events, the U.S. Open and participating in my club tournaments with the Castaic Bass Club.
As a member of the Bass Knuckles pro staff my main goal is to interface with anglers of all types and caliber within our fishing community in an effort to share tips, experiences, fishing stories and adventures revolving around the sport we all love so much. When I first saw the Bass Knuckles Clothing line I was immediately impressed with the unique logo. It stood out above anything thing I had ever seen before and I knew then I wanted to be part of this team.


Travis Gardner 

I grew up fishing wherever I could and eventually took a very good liking to bass fishing. I have fished all over the panhandle of Idaho like Lake Coeur d' Alene, Fernan Lake, Hauser Lake, Twin Lakes, Spokane river and many other lakes in this area. I have recently obtained a spot on Team Idaho, and qualified to fish the Western Regionals in March of 2013. I belong to a local club, Panhandle Bass Anglers (PBA), am a lifetime member of BASS, and fish the FLW tournaments as well.

I am a bass fisherman and that is my true passion in life, hopefully by gaining some acknowledgement along the way I can make it in the Elite series fishing professionally. After I graduated high school I fell into a drug and alcohol addiction that lasted 10 years, now I am thirty two years old and bass fishing has allowed me to maintain sobriety and that is coming up on four years now.


Team No Remorse

Bobby Martinez & Kenny Bobo teamed up in late 2012 to fish the Saltwater Bass Series (S.B.S) and Saltwater Bass Anglers (S.W.B.A) tournament circuits. Bobby has been fishing saltwater for 22+ years and is excited to fish with Kenny who has 20+ years of freshwater experience, which includes competing in the FLW and National Bass West circuits. We have combined our experience and are seeing the fruits of our labor with a top 3 finish and looking forward to many more accolades.

Greg Glogow

Greg Glogow has been in the Bass Fishing Spotlight for 20 years. He is an accredited Trophy Hunter and retired Bass Guide, once ranked #7 in the world most likely to catch the next world record bass along with a group of well known "Record Stalker's" such as Bob Crupi, Mike Long, Troy Folkstead and Butch Brown to name a few. Greg has 70 bass over 10lbs topped by a 16.1 pounder, once recognized by the IGFA for the 6lb line class world record. He also held the Castaic Lake Record Striped Bass for 5 years with a 40.1 pound fish. Greg is the Vice President of Operations for Sun Country Marine, California's Largest New and Used Boat and Yacht Dealership, also the exclusive Southern California Skeeter Bass and Bay boat dealer.
greg-sims250b.jpg Greg Sims

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Josh Barnette

I am 33 years old and live in Ohio. Im also a proud father of my 3yr old son Cameron. As far as fishing goes i have been fortunate too have been brought up with it since i was a small kid. I tournament fish numerous trails in and around the Ohio Valley. I also frequent Lake Guntersville and the Detroit River. Next season (2014) i am going too focus on my dream and fish the B.A.S.S. Opens . My favorite technique is Flipping.....i love the hook-set.

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CharlesSaraspe250_n.jpg Charles Saraspe

I can't even remember the first time I went fishing. My dad is a commercial fisherman, fishing lobster, shrimp, sheephead, crab, and even more species. Since I was born I was out on my dads boat helping him out and fishing myself. I was catching one-hundred pound Mako Sharks at the age of six and catching yellowtail on the iron since I was five years old. I was born into fishing and I will never be taken out of it.

I always was fishing, mainly yellowtail, barracuda, but at the age of twelve I learned my love for bass fishing. Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, and both Smallmouth and Largemouth were all I would fish. Tommy Gomes from Unibutter Fishing Scent picked me up as a Jr. Pro Staff and from their, I loved being in the fishing industry.

My Dad and I split the payment of a twenty-three foot Blackman center console skiff when I was fourteen. I was out everyday fishing spotted bay bass to bigger game fish like sharks from places like the bay to amazing islands like San Clemente. My buddies and I would take trips to places up and down the California Coast to fish Public and Private ponds and lakes we knew of also.

The summer of 2011 was an incredible experience. I joined the SaltyDawg Custom Rods Pro Staff team and also caught some amazing fish. I go on an annual long-range trip on the Red Rooster, which was eight days of wide-open tuna and yellowtail. I landed my biggest tuna, only eighty pounds though. I also landed my personal best Calico Bass and Largemouth Bass that summer. I caught a whopping 11.24lb Calico and a 10.4 pound largemouth. Since then I have been on my search for even bigger fish.

I have fished a few tournaments including the Bay Bass Open of 2011 as well. I plan to join some of the bigger tournaments like the SWBA and the SBS as soon as I can also. Currently, I fish around 2 times a week and just love being on the water whenever I can.

bkSpirit250_n.png Ballast Point Spirits Fishing Team
Scott Pethtel & Mike Lane

Mike & Scott met 7 years ago fishing as competitors, Mike had just entered the Tournament scene and Scott had been a dominating force in the fresh and saltwater arena for a long time. Over the years and after getting to know one another it seamed to be a natural fit to team up. In 2012 they did just that and using the Saltwater Bass Series (SBS) as their platform eclipsed the rest of the field and secured the 2012 SBS Angler of the Year title in their first year as a team.

Mike & Scott have been featured in many media outlets such as Television, Print and Web based advertising. Mike was also a main character in a short film “5 Day’s In Cedros” produced by Eric Abrahamson. Mike served 4 years in the Marine Corps as a GRUNT, currently is Dir. of Operations for a defense company, Scott has been in sales for 20 years, 10 of those being in the automotive field. Both Mike & Scott have very strong sales and marketing skills. We are both very family oriented, Mike has been Married for 14 years to his Wife Nikki and has two boy’s Isaiah (8) and Jaxon Joe Ray (2). Scott has been Married for 11 years to his Wife Michelle and has a Son Reid (4) and a Daughter Isabella (1). Since 2007 collectively they hold over 35 top 5 finishes and have 2 Angler of the Year Titles in (SWBA) and 1 Angler of the Year Title in (SBS). "We are very excited to be apart of this family". You can visit Mike and Scott on Facebook at Ballast Point Spirits Fishing Team.

Justin Hanold

I was born and raised in Poway, CA and grew up fishing all across Southern California. I fished not only on the lakes, but in the ocean as well, enjoying all of the different angling opportunities available. My love for the outdoors, and fishing particularly, put me on the water almost every single day. At a very young age I began to take part in the local bass fishing events. My desire for competition progressed, and it led all across the U.S. competing in events against some of the best anglers in the world.

Not only have I spent most of the free time in my life on the water, but I've spent my working years within the fishing industry as well. I have rigged, sold, and managed at several of the largest boat dealerships in the United States, from California to Florida.

Running my guide service, Southern California Fishing Adventures has allowed me to share my experience and knowledge with others. It has become my #1 goal, to help spread the knowledge drawn from my experience both on and off the water to each and every guide client.


Josh Parck

I have grown up fishing anything from mountain streams and lakes to bays and harbors up and down the southern California coats. About 4 years ago as my passion for bass fishing grew and my competitiveness came out I began to fish tournaments anywhere from San Diego to Lake Havasu. I have been lucky enough to have caught over 20 bass over 10lbs and striped up to 33.30lbs(Lake Perris Unofficial record)  When I’m not fishing I can be found at Sun Country Marine selling boats at the exclusive Southern California Skeeter Bass and Bay boat dealer.


Joe Everett

- bio coming soon -

Mike Phua

Motivated personable business professional with over 15 years of marine industry experience. Knowledgeable in all aspects of the Boat Industry from Sales, Marketing, Boat Show set-up to Financing and Delivery. Competitively fishing for over 10 years.

Professional Experience and Achievements

Sales/ Presentations/ Marketing

Over 3 million dollars in gross sales for 7 consecutive years for Sun Country Marine.

Ranked in the Top 10 sales consultants for Chaparral Boats World Wide for 7 Consecutive years.

Helped design the original Chaparral Power-point Comparison that has helped Chaparral Boats worldwide increase volume sales at the Dealer and Boat Show settings.

Sales Manager Anglers Marine. Managed over 4 million dollars and inventory and managed sales force.


Andrew Swaim

I grew up fishing for bass and pinheading on the sportboats out of Davey's Locker. After high school I attended the California Maritime Academy, which landed me a job that only has me working every other week. Thanks to my profession I have plenty of time and money to fish almost as much as I want. You can find me shore pounding various Bay Area lakes throwing big baits looking for that one bite.


Mitch Russo

Hi, I'm Mitch Russo I was born and raised in So Cal. I started fishing at the age of 2. I fish primarily saltwater bass species but I will fish for anything. I have a lung disease called cystic fibrosis which takes a lot of time fishing away from me, but I do get out a lot and plan to fish the SWBA. So look for me on the coast.


Chris Licato

I’m a florida native who’s been fishing for 30 years. I go just about every day and specialize in exotics.  I guide part time with my service - swamp god outdoors.  All my fishing is done by walking banks in subdivisions, parks, swamps, canals, lakes and ponds. I have sponsors such as rage tail, convincing custom lures, wk jigs, n treasure coast tackle. Knuckle Up!


Dean Simes

I grew up fishing Castaic Lagoon (Lower lake). I still fish Castaic and Pyramid as my home lakes, mainly for Largemouth and Stripers. I fish NBW (National Bass West). I've had 2 top 5 finishes and 1 first place and have only fished 5 events. See ya on the water!


Dave Abeelen

Hi my name is Dave Abeelen I have been married to my wonderful wife Cheri for over 15 years we have two beautiful daughters Haley 10 and Ashley 13. I was born and raised in So Cal. My love of fishing started with my Grandpa David Grubb taking me to fish local city lakes and pay lakes for trout. When I was 12 or so I went on my first snorkeling/spearfishing trip to Laguna. From that time on its been all saltwater for me. Spearfishing, night time lobster snorkel trips, surf fishing, rock hopping for calicos to even float tubing the boilers for big calicos. A couple years back the MLPA closed down my favorite stretch in Laguna and that made me switch gears. I started to focus on targeting Spotted Bay Bass in all the harbors I could from the tube and from boats. All that time and effort paid off last year during the 2013 Saltwater Bass Series Bay Region where me and my fishing partner Bryan Davis had a 1st, a 2nd, two 3rd and one 5th place finish during the 5 round series. We finished the year as Anglers of the Year. The 2014 season has started and we have a 9th and another 1st place victory. I am always trying to learn new tactics and tighten up the ones I already know. I fish when I can whether it's from the surf for perch, in the bays for spotties, in a boat for calicos or even the local lakes for LMB. I love to fish but family always comes first.


Jeff Turgeon

Jeff Turgeon age 30 has been freshwater and saltwater fishing since the age of 5. He Grew up and lives in Riverside, CA. His home lakes are Perris and Silverwood and he fishes all the local fishing Derbys with the Lake Elsinore Derby coming up on May 3rd and 4th.

noah250x275_n.jpg  Noah Nabors

I can be seen fishing around all of California mostly in the Newport beach area. Any one is welcome to stop me and ask for any tips or pointers. I fish bass tournaments all up and down California's golden coast and also a wide variety of  tournaments in Mexico near the Cabo area targeting the bigger species of fish we all love to catch. I am currently a wrestler at Edison high school and part of the Huntington beach bass crew. Feel free to message me on Facebook for any tips or someone to talk fishing with. I'd be more than happy to help you.