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Welcome Kody Kessel to the Bass Knuckles Team

Posted by admin on June 7, 2012

KodyKessel_200.jpgThe first time I ever went fishing was on the OB pier when I was about 6 years old. My dad bought my brother and I the cheapest rod and reel Wal-Mart had to offer and we went to the pier, got bait and all we caught after 4 hours was a small guitar fish. But the enjoyment I got out of being on the beach and casting a line and spending time with my dad was just indescribable. At that point I had no idea what monster had just been created. After that trip my dad took me to the pier every week and my desire to fish turned into an obsession to learn.

A few years later my family bought a wakeboard boat and we were at the lakes every weekend. El Capitan and San Vicente for the most part. As my parents would take advantage of the morning glass to ski and watercraft I was dropped off on the shore somewhere fishing. Fished all day long until the lake was closed. Got to learn to 2 lakes pretty well, and wanted to experiment even more. So I went to Jennings, Murray, Lower Otay, Cuyamaca, Santee lakes, Miramar, Poway, almost every San Diego city lake I could get a hold of I was fishing at regularly. Learned the dropshot, Texas rig, Carolina rig, top water, crank baits, spinner baits, lizards, craws, swim baits, spinning gear, bait casting gear. What gear worked well with what baits. For years I was mixing and matching combinations of baits and tackle and conditions, or seasons anywhere I could get my line wet.

I got into the forums and websites when I was about 14 and started reading and getting into what saltwater bass fishing was like. Right around the time I started fishing saltwater my parents bought our family some of the first hobie kayaks. And it was on from there. Just about every weekend if not 2-3x a week I was in my blue hobie at mission bay fishing for spotted bay bass with swim baits. Then after reading about the bay I did the same thing as freshwater which was just mixing and matching different baits and tackle, different times of year and conditions, and different spots for different species. Spotties, Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Halibut, Bonito, Barracuda, Croaker, perch, Sharks and Ray, I was doing everything I could to get on the water and fish.

When I was about 15 I fished on a half day trip on the chubasco II. I was blown away by yet another style of fishing that is not the lakes or bays, but off our coast for bass, or bottom fish, or pelagic. I asked if I could help out every trip I went and after a year captain Ernie asked me if I wanted to pinhead. I had no idea what that meant and he said I will let you come out and fish for free if you keep my boat clean. So naturally that was one of the best thing I had ever heard! I am still working on the boat and have bounced around on several other boats in San Diego. Fishing up and down our coast inshore and offshore tuna, dorado, Yellowtail, bass, rockfish, halibut, White Sea Bass, and everything in between.

I have tried to cross out every style of fishing possible here in San Diego. From the lakes, ponds, rivers, to both our bays, and all up and down our coast. Boating, Kayaking, Float Tubing, Surf fishing, Fly fishing, and even some unorthodox methods which didn’t work out in anyone’s favor. I have never had any problems with grades because I have been told my whole life that if I get below a 3.0 no fishing, and that has kept the grade point average pretty good my whole life. I am going to Grossmont College and studying forensic science and criminal justice. I would like to get into the SWBA tournaments as soon as I can, and just keep learning and fishing whenever opportunity presents itself.