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Keep throwing .

Posted by knuckles on December 21, 2012

 Photo_61.jpg Fishing can be a frustrating sport sometimes. It's not easy to get the correct info on what's working , where to fish . Keep it easy. Pick out a few baits, that you feel good about an fish them hard. It's can be a big mistake to keep changing lures all the time,Especially when fishing new water. Fish lures you know that work when fishing new areas . Fish new lure once you know your in a area where you know fish are, build confidence in you new bait . Always make sure you give a new lures time to work for you.  Learning how to fish a new lure correctly can be tricky as finding biting fish. Make sure you understand how the lure was design to fish.Put in the time & fish hard it will pay off .  Sorry If I made some mistakes in this blog . I'm a fisherman not a writer . Jacob : )