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Fishing is a sickness

Posted by knuckles on December 26, 2012


You've checked your alarm clock more times than you can remember. Your tackle is immaculate: fresh line,dull hooks replaced or sharpen,and all the baits are neatly stored in their specific place. While getting everything ready your coffee your dinning table is covered in spools of line, baits, reels, and tackle boxes. You think about your plan off attack, what you'll fish first, what areas to target. It's almost like Christmas Eve. That's how i feel every time I'm getting ready to go out and fish. The anticipation almost kills me. I check and recheck weather reports. I browse for historic reports if the water is new to me .Sleep is usually hard to come by. As I lay down all images of striper and large mouth crushing topwater baits flash through my head. I can feel the cool spray coming off the reel as I cast. I feel the hard thump of a fish inhaling swimbaits. The rock solid feeling of a big bass pulling back as you set the hook and doesn't budge a inch. It's what I dream about until I put on my Bass Knuckles hat and walk out the door.   Andrew Swain