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Bass Knuckles is proud to introduce the "KO Cancer" collection

Posted by admin on March 1, 2014

Bass Knuckles KO Cancer T-Shirt

Every individual at some point in their life is affected by cancer whether its a friend that is diagnosed, a relative or loved one, cancer strikes without prejudice and Bass Knuckles is fighting back. One of our founders, Jacob Allen has had a first hand battle with cancer at 18 years old and today at 38 years old, Jacob has scars that will never heal but he knows how important it his to continue the fight, and the fight CAN'T be won without support. This year we lost a great friend and huge Bass Knuckles supporter, Ronnie Kovach. Ronnie was fundamental to the growth of our brand and many others in the industry, Ronnie will be greatly missed. With this loss, Bass Knuckles introduces a collection of T-Shirts that will truly be our way of KO'ing Cancer. Each shirt will retail for $21.99 and $5 of each sale will be donated to the "American Cancer Society" (www.cancer.org) additionally if a donation is made through our site in the amount of $20 or greater we will ship you a free Bass Knuckles Beanie. As individuals Cancer puts up a tough fight, but as a team, as a coalition and as a brand we can make a difference. Thank you for the support and lets "KO CANCER" together. >>> KO Cancer with Bass Knuckles style