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Andrew Swaim DEPS 250 Slide Swimmer gets it done!!

Posted by knuckles on April 2, 2013


Congrats Andrew Swaim on your new PB!!!  Check out his story below!!!


It was a long winter. I had spent many long days throwing big baits and driving far for only a few follows. this went on for a few months. I decided to give a lake that had rarely let me down a shot. After getting a gentleman's start around 1030, I was pleasantly surprised to see a DFG truck pull up to dump some candy bars. After waiting the mandatory time before they allow fishing in the area to resume, it was pretty dead except for one giant striper boil. I was throwing a DEPS 250 Slide Swimmer, completely spaced out when my rod loaded up. The fish rolled and i was convinced I had a striper when I just saw a large, white belly. I just kept winding and quickly realized it was a bass, but I didn't realize how large until I had her fully out of the water. A couple quick pictures and I got the fish weighed and back in the water. She went 12-4, and was clearly a very young fish that will probably soon be a teener. When you're in a slump, don't give up, keep swinging away.