Bass Knuckles KO Cancer T-Shirt

Every individual at some point in their life is affected by cancer whether its a friend that is diagnosed, a relative or loved one, cancer strikes without prejudice and Bass Knuckles is fighting back. One of our founders, Jacob Allen has had a first hand battle with cancer at 18 years old and today at 38 years old, Jacob has scars that will never heal but he knows how important it his to continue the fight, and the fight CAN'T be won without support. This year we lost a great friend and huge Bass Knuckles supporter, Ronnie Kovach. Ronnie was fundamental to the growth of our brand and many others in the industry, Ronnie will be greatly missed. With this loss, Bass Knuckles introduces a collection of T-Shirts that will truly be our way of KO'ing Cancer. Each shirt will retail for $21.99 and $5 of each sale will be donated to the "American Cancer Society" ( additionally if a donation is made through our site in the amount of $20 or greater we will ship you a free Bass Knuckles Beanie. As individuals Cancer puts up a tough fight, but as a team, as a coalition and as a brand we can make a difference. Thank you for the support and lets "KO CANCER" together. >>> KO Cancer with Bass Knuckles style

2014 Look For Bass Knuckles @ your local retailer

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  Just a quick update. Bass Knuckles Clothing is spreading like a wild fire! We have so many good people behind us! Thank you all for the awesome support! We have big plans for 2014. We look to expand are retailiers big time this year! We will be at the Fred Hall Show (Long Beach,CA) this March. Stop by and say hi. Look forward seeing you all. #Bassknucklesclothing #Fishinstyle #Kocancer 


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    Bass Knuckles continues to grow at a incredible rate. Bass Knuckles was born a little over a year ago. Bass Knuckles clothing has a one of a kind look,owners,following. Young, old, male,female,salt or freshwater if you just started fishing or you fish a 100 days a year we invite all to come join the Bass Knuckles Family. Feel free to drop us a line @ We look forward to comments, questions ,ideas. Thank  you to all our supporters you guys are the heart of the company.We value every single one of you! 

No Clicks @ Bass Knuckles. " YOU FISH YOU'RE IN"

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My name is Jacob Allen. Just wanted to point out here at Bass Knuckles Apparel  " YOU FISH YOU'RE IN " We have many good pro staff and supporters that share our  same opinion . Feel free to hit us up or me on Facebook. I would be more than happy to try to answer any question. 

Getting Social with the Bass Knuckles Crew

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Andrew Swaim DEPS 250 Slide Swimmer gets it done!!

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Congrats Andrew Swaim on your new PB!!!  Check out his story below!!!


It was a long winter. I had spent many long days throwing big baits and driving far for only a few follows. this went on for a few months. I decided to give a lake that had rarely let me down a shot. After getting a gentleman's start around 1030, I was pleasantly surprised to see a DFG truck pull up to dump some candy bars. After waiting the mandatory time before they allow fishing in the area to resume, it was pretty dead except for one giant striper boil. I was throwing a DEPS 250 Slide Swimmer, completely spaced out when my rod loaded up. The fish rolled and i was convinced I had a striper when I just saw a large, white belly. I just kept winding and quickly realized it was a bass, but I didn't realize how large until I had her fully out of the water. A couple quick pictures and I got the fish weighed and back in the water. She went 12-4, and was clearly a very young fish that will probably soon be a teener. When you're in a slump, don't give up, keep swinging away. 


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   My name is Jacob Allen, one of the owners of Bass Knuckles Clothing. I am a Cancer survivor back in 1996 (age 19). I was following my dream to become a professional bass fisherman. I had some pain on my knee and after a few trips to the doctor, they found a tumor in my right leg. There was no choice but to amputate my leg in duration of 14 months of treatment. My passion for fishing was a big part of my life that this decision took a big change in my future. In between treatments I would hit the water as much as I physically could. Therefore,  I used fishing as a tool to push me threw my battle. I remember in between each cast I would  throw up and get sun blister because of the chemotherapy. I realized that nothing can change my happiness for fishing.  I do thank all my family an friends for all the help during this time. They were a huge part of my path to recovery.

Bass Knuckles has decided to come out with a shirt to raise some money for cancer patients, research and cures. Please so stay tuned more details.

P.S. Please pray for Mario P. Salas (SoCal Badfish) I met him at  a local fishing show. He is battling cancer and staying strong.