About Us

aboutus200x120.jpgBass Knuckles™, Corp. was conceived off the coast of Palos Verdes, CA in 2011. Its founders questioned why they fished several days a week but wore surf clothing 7 days a week? The answer was simple – The fishing industry had catered to people that wanted to express they were fishermen, but hadn't provided enough style to wear off the water.

With that trip, Bass Knuckles™ was born. Since, Bass Knuckles™ has partnered with the top designers in the surf and other industries to provide a unique product line up that combines fishermen's need for a quality product on the water, with the fishermen's desire for style off the water. They say they design "Off the water clothing, for an inshore lifestyle."

Bass Knuckles™, started by avid Fishermen, has a mission to provide its fishermen with the highest quality product while supporting the protection of your valuable fisheries and your right to fish them. They strive to continually innovate new product lines which are underserved in the fishing community.

With an emphasis on providing products that they themselves will use, Bass Knuckles™ looks to put the WOW in your fishing wardrobe. Enjoy!